What can I do for you?

As your copy editor, I’ll ensure that your manuscript is technically correct and says exactly what you want to say. But more than that, together we can refine and polish your writing to reveal its intrinsic beauty and authenticity.

I’ll give my complete attention to your carefully crafted manuscript when you’re ready to share it with the world.

We will discuss your specific concerns, so I can tailor my approach to your project. I’ll bring a fresh perspective to your writing. Most manuscripts benefit from editing somewhere along the continuum from copy editing to line editing. Editorial corrections and suggestions may include

  • punctuation
  • spelling
  • capitalization
  • grammar
  • subject and verb agreement
  • word choice—I ponder your choice of words. I read your work aloud, and then I make suggestions if another word would give a better shade of meaning.

You may also want specific recommendations for solving problems with

  • sentence structure
  • continuity
  • transitions between sections and chapters
  • clarity
  • flow
  • inconsistencies, anachronisms, and redundancies

Whatever level of editing your manuscript needs, I approach your work with respect. I will not change your meaning, your style, or your voice.