What Writers Say

“You’ve edited your book for the twentieth time and think it’s ready to be unveiled to the world. Still, you have a nagging feeling that something might be amiss. Wrong usage, misspellings, and questionable grammar nag at you. You’ve already worked more than a year on your book, so you might as well get a writer’s insurance policy. The name of the policy is Barbara Crawford. She’ll catch all the things you’re worried about and produce a clean manuscript. Nothing more needs to be said: If Barbara edits your book, you’ll sleep better after it’s sent to the printer.”

Art Wolk, author of Garden Lunacy: A Growing Concern and Bulb Forcing for Beginners and the Seriously Smitten

“I have marveled at her ability to recall the slightest nuances in my work, get into the heads of my characters, remind me of something I have forgotten, and help me to determine what is and is not working. But she has never urged me in a direction that I didn’t want to go; she’s never imposed her own values on my work…” 

Steve Oskie, author of Mean Thoughts

“I have been fortunate to work with Barbara Crawford on two books. Her ability to focus intensely on my manuscripts and give me precise and constructive feedback has helped me understand more clearly what I was attempting to say and has absolutely made me a better writer.”

Emma Mellon, PhD, author of Waking Your Dreams

“I’m grateful for her excellent copy editing of the manuscript for my novel and the way she accommodated my accelerated schedule. Not only did her services advance my work substantially, but I learned a lot as well. I also appreciated her insightful suggestions on the novel itself, offered always with good-humored tact. Here’s hoping for more opportunities to work with Barbara.”

Tony Junker, author of Tunnell’s Boys and Dr. Franklin’s Shadow

“Barbara Crawford’s work is exceptional. She was able to turn a project around in excellent time and her attention to detail offered a measure of confidence in our project that we wouldn’t have had without her. Thanks for a superb job!”

Kaylene Johnson, Ember Press & Program Manager, Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area

“From the very beginning of our collaboration, I found Barbara Crawford to be a professional, warm, and wise copy editor for my novel manuscript. Without being intrusive, she also offered key advice for making my work ‘dazzle.’ I would gladly recommend her to anyone seeking a trustworthy editing partner.”

Fr. Paul Morrissey, author of The Black Wall of Silence

“Finding the diamond in the rough. Working with Barbara reminds me of how Michelangelo sculpts; he looked for the form in the marble that wanted to emerge. With seemingly simple suggestions, Barbara sculpts with words, commas, and dashes, allowing the form of the book to emerge.

“As a new author, I was apprehensive about finding an editor that would help develop my manuscript into a book without changing the concept. Working with Barbara was wonderful: she is clear, patient, organized – and because of all that, we have built a strong, long-lasting professional relationship.” 

Michel-Damini Celebre, author of Painting the Landscape of Your Soul

“As a comic book writer/artist, I had never considering working with a professional editor. I am so glad I did! Barbara admitted up front she had never edited a comic book or graphic novel, but her help was invaluable. She is an amazing listener and took my concerns to heart. Her editing not only made the text clearer and more cogent, but her suggestions on organizing the material greatly improved its overall design. I am convinced her efforts would substantially improve anyone’s would-be book regardless of its genre.”

Scott Spencer, author of Multiverse Comics and Stories

“Barbara Crawford is an editorial gift. Her thorough and astute copy editing and proofreading made my manuscript shine and enhanced my literary confidence and credibility. Barbara is also an insightful reader and provided nuanced suggestions to improve the overall flow and readability of my book. Lastly, Barbara is an absolute joy to work with. I am grateful and fortunate to have had her involved in my writing journey and highly recommend her to anyone interested in crafting a first-rate book.”

Cheryl L. Rice, author of Where Have I Been All My Life?